Seed germination

We’ve had a great strike from the autumn overseeding with every line in all 3 passes now showing new seedlings. 

The seeding work has been timed perfectly and all of the new Fescue and Bent seedlings should be well established before any significant frost. This will get us off to a great start next season. 

Fairway bunker renovations

The first of the fairway bunkers has been renovated and topped up with sand. 

All of the old revetting has been removed and the bunker base shaped to give steep sides. This will encourage balls to find the flat centre of the bunker allowing easier shots to be played out. 

The bunkers will also have Marram grass and Heather planted in small areas to promote the Links/Heath look. 

So far only the first bunker on the right of 9 has been done but to put things in perspective this took 1 man 90 minutes to complete as opposed to 2 men 2 days to revett the same bunker. 

Turf nursery renovation

Work is underway to prepare the used parts of the turf nursery for seeding. 

The areas where turf has been lifted in the past has largely been abandoned in recent years. 

We have sprayed out all weed content and coarse grass species this season before rotavating to create a good soil to seed into. 

The soil will be tracked in when dry and chain-harrowed to help level the surface as well as remove any loose stones/debris. 

We will then triple pass with the seeder and sow Fairway seed before conditions become too cold. 

Greens topdressed behind seeding work

All greens have now been topdressed to fill in depressions left at the points where the seeder lines intersect. 

The sand will also act as a protective coating on top of the seedlings which will be starting to germinate in around a week. 

Following the dressing the greens were rolled to help reinstate the surfaces. 

Brushing will be undertaken if we get a dry spell to further work the sand into the sward. 

Autumn overseeding

Work is now underway on greens and surrounds to introduce as much seed as possible while conditions still allow good germination. 

We are using a mixture of Fescue and Bent to promote the already good populations of fine leaved grasses. 

The greens are being triple passed and rolled behind to reinstate the surfaces. The whole course will take a few days to complete and is heavily weather dependent. 

Each green and surround is receiving around 20kg of seed in total. 

Modern green speeds

The following is an article about modern green speeds:

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