Lockdown greenkeeping part 2

4mm of rain may not sound like much but it was desperately needed!

Temperatures are gradually rising as well but we are still experiencing the cold, drying Easterly winds. This has meant a start to the seasons growth but gladly nothing is getting out of control!

Soil temperatures are creeping up and we will soon have warm enough ground to overseed weak areas with intent.

Fairways are thriving at the slightly higher mowing height (15mm as opposed to 12mm) and winter divots are recovering well. There is a full coverage of grass at the moment and only small areas marginally affected by the dry conditions.

Changes to mowing patterns are progressing well and should be completely blended in by the time we open for play (whenever that may be!)

A full cut of the semi-rough has begun and will be completed in the coming week. We are starting to see some nice definition around the course.

The new rough mower is a great improvement on the previous machine. It has a wider cut and changing mowing height is fast and simple meaning much better efficiency. It follows contours well and has a lot of power, we are yet to find an area where it struggles. It copes well around bunkers and tees leaving a clean finish.

We are in the process of repairing a few minor irrigation problems then the majority of our watering needs can be automated.

Tees have all been handmown at the raised height of 12mm. They have also been realigned and squared up. Over time it is surprising how much mowing lines can drift!

More updates in a few days

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