New aeration equipment

We have recently replaced the old vertidrain with a far more modern and efficient version.


Slightly wider and faster in operation this will allow us to aerate every part of the course from greens to semi-roughs in a much shorter space of time.


Since arriving we have aerated all the greens and surrounds to a depth of 9″ with 1/2″ solid tines to relieve all the compaction built up during the season. The whole process took around 12 hours and went without any issues.


The machine was set to slightly heave, or lift the ground and this can just be seen in the above picture. It is very noticeable how much softer the ground conditions are when you walk on the aerated parts.


Even our weakest green is showing progress as a result of the work we do. The 1st was predominantly Poa Annua 3 years ago but now it has a much higher proportion of Bent and the deeper rooting turf holds together much better. Deep solid-tining like this was impossible 3 years ago as the weak turf was torn and lifted by these types of machines.



We followed behind on the greens with our lighter Aercore which has the small solid tines fitted. These helped close the larger holes at the surface and lessen disruption to golf before the whole surface was rolled to reinstate firmness. The larger holes stay open much deeper down for several months and provide open channels for good rooting.




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