Overseeding work

The recent heavy showers of rain have gone a long way to softening the ground. This has allowed the seeder to cut in properly and give the seed soil contact.

The seed is being broadcast at a rate of 8.5g/sqm and most areas have had a single pass.

The aim is to repeat the process 2 or 3 more times throughout the season. This will maximise the the benefits of the seeding work by ensuring at some point conditions will be perfect. It will also be more economical as we will see which areas are recovering naturally allowing us to use the seed elsewhere.

We have completed around 70% of what is required for the first pass, the rain this weekend will allow us to complete the remainder.

We are using a special seed mix which was created on the back of last years drought specifically with more creeping Fescue present to help fill holes in the sward.

The seeder is our heaviest piece of equipment and we’ve recently modified the lift arms on the tractor to allow it to be lifted more comfortably.

The change has vastly improved use of the seeder and increased efficiency as well as putting less strain on the tractor itself.

Once fairways and semi rough areas are complete we will be moving on to tees and green surrounds with the dwarf Ryegrass mix.

This has had a dramatic effect on the surrounds which were previously hard to keep grass cover on by being much more tolerant of wear.

The area to the rear of the 3rd green in particular has benefitted from this seed mix.

In time we will expand out and eventually maintain many of these areas at fairway height.

One thought on “Overseeding work

  1. BAG May 26, 2019 / 4:10 pm

    Excellent BLOG, will put it up on the board next week


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