Practice tee renovation

The greenstaff have made an early start to the winter projects with the renovation of the summer practice tee.

The main items on the winter programme will begin after the end of summer rules. However, we have to make the practice area a priority to ensure it goes back into play as early as possible next season.

We began by stripping the turf from the whole area, the majority of which was heavily divotted and useless.

The artificial mats were removed as they are long past their best!

We then used the same box blade on the tractor as we use to maintain the access road to roughly level the area before rotovating.

After loosening the rootzone we chain harrowed the soil to help remove any stones and lumps of turf. We then rolled the soil with the tractor tyres to firm it up again before another pass with the box blade.

The whole area was then raked by hand to remove any debris and help level any remaining undulations.

We then seeded manually and raked the area again to ensure good soil contact.

Michael then watered the area to ensure our hard work didnt immediately blow away!

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