Changes to greens aeration


We have recently purchased new tine holders for the aerator which hold 7 tines each rather than just 4.

This allows us to vastly increase the effect of the aeration per pass of the machine.


The picture above shows the old and new hole patterns and the difference is immediately obvious. The tines used are exactly the same size and operating at the same depth.

The closer spacing gives a much more uniform pattern and it is almost so good that there is little need to roll after.


The previous spacing caused an issue where, during summer months especially, the greens would appear spotty from the aeration holes. This should now be remedied as the effect of each aeration hole should link with the surrounding holes.


Given that we are a small team it makes perfect sense that we take every chance to increase efficiency. Making more holes per pass of the machine is the logical choice. The benefits to the golfer will be subtle but this change can only help us increase turf health and quality moving forward.

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