Deep tine aeration

The deeper, solid tine aeration reserved for the winter months was completed without any issues. 

As seen in the picture above the amount of compaction relief is considerable. The machine essentially drives forks into the rootzone which then pivot slightly to lift the rootzone uniformly. This action is called ‘heave’ and can be adjusted on the machine to give a greater or lesser effect. 

While we want to relieve as much compaction as possible it is easy to overdo the heave effect and cause more harm than good. 

There are several benefits to this process which include improved water percolation, improved gas exchange, creation of soil fractures for root development and, coupled with rolling, removal of bumps and depressions in the surfaces. 

Disruption was minimal given that the machine was working to a depth of 11″. The greens were double rolled straight behind to reinstate the surfaces. 

It can be a very slow task and as a result there were a few early starts, not ideal in winter…


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